Pigface and persimmon

by nellday

The big news from the garden today is that one of the little pigfaces that Celia brought for the succulent garden has burst into splendid hot pink flower as pictured below. So vivid! Nice work, little guy. Also the persimmon tree seems to have very tiny persimmons on it which is thrilling although they were too small to photograph.


More like AWESOMEFACE, amirite?

Some of the little seeds in the greenhouse have started to pop up too which is great although I have no idea what they are because I failed to implement weatherproof labelling protocols at the time of planting. I know that they are all good companion plants for fruit tress so in a way it doesn’t really matter but it is a bit of a shameful librarian fail.

The other day our neighbour Bruce came over and brought us some very prickly cacti (some of which looked pretty, pretty hallucinogenic), so we are going to plant out a second planter box very soon with these guys and assorted other succulents. Mum has also given me two tiny and adorable succulent microgardens for inside, here is one right now:


Tiny jungle

Today Mum came over and we had a cup of tea and talked about Art Spiegelman and planted some chamomile, borage and marigold seeds in the back yard near the lemon tree. The borage seeds looked a bit weird and we do not have high hopes for their future but time will tell. She also very nicely brought a rose geranium which we planted next to the nectarine and peach trees. On our tour of the estate we made the difficult decision to remove the cloche from the artichoke plant as it is outgrowing the tiny greenhouse and is possibly now strong enough to withstand enemy attacks on its own. We also noticed that little nasturtiums are popping up all over the front bed under the roses, which is a very life-affirming sight.

I think my next garden job will be to clear a bit of an area near the lemon tree to plant lettuce type plants as these are things that I am very keen on eating. Also I am getting ready to plant my corn/beans/pumpkin garden which I am pretty confident will be glorious.